Beginner’s Guide to Country Living

What is Country Living?

The definition of country living varies widely among people. For me, though, a country lifestyle is more of a mindset and way of approaching the world than an actual location. From early in my childhood on, I felt most at peace surrounded by nature and away from the hustle and bustle of outside life. I could sit for hours drinking in the sound of a river lapping against the shore or enjoying the perfect silence of a snowy night. As an adult, I moved around to a lot of big cities, but I always sought these moments out whether in parks or weekend trips. In my heart, I was a country girl whether standing in Midtown New York or on a farm in Vermont.

country road

How to Live a Country Lifestyle

Whether you live on a farm, are sitting in a city apartment pining for that day, or are somewhere in between, there are a few habits you can develop right now to make the lifestyle part of your life.

  • Find time to appreciate the natural beauty around you daily. It can be a challenge, but carve out time where you put away your cellphone and steal a moment of solitude to clear your head and simply admire what is around you. Take even just ten minutes for a walk, drive, or sitting in a beautiful place.
  • Incorporate at least a few items into your decor that bring a sense of history and tradition. Whether these are family treasures that have passed from one generation to the next or an antique you stumbled upon that spoke to you, these are wonderful ways to remind yourself that you are part of a long and rich history. I love to tape tags under my antiques detailing that history and reminding me of their lineage.
  • Shop local and other artisinal products. I find nothing better in life than stumbling upon a charming town filled with unique stores. I do my best to support these businesses by avoiding strip malls and chains and using these stores for my needs.
  • Buy organic, locally grown foods. I am a frequent visitor at farmers’ markets and do my best to eat what is natural.
  • Make entertaining comfortable and at ease. Rather than very formal events, I most enjoy time with my friends laughing and relaxing. I strive to find balance between creating time that is special but also approachable.
chair with botanical prints and farmhouse shiplap

The Last Thing You Need to Know About Country Living

Country living is about embracing nature and finding peace. It should eliminate the pressure to always be racing toward the future and instead appreciate the here and now. It finds pleasure in imperfections through the stories behind the nicks and dings in objects and in life. No matter where you live, I hope that you are able to introduce some elements to simplify your life and find beauty in that around you.

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