Christmas Fireplace Must-Haves

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If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, you can’t help but want it to take center stage during the holidays. I have the fondest memories of sitting in front of it on Christmas Eve. My parents and grandparents would settle in for pre-dinner cocktails and the three of us children would periodically run over to check up the chimney for Santa. With Bing Crosby in the background, the tree twinkling in the corner, and anticipation for gifts the next day, it was magical.

As an adult, decorating my Christmas fireplace is a way to recreate those memories. The best part about it is that it’s fairly simple. There are three key elements to a Christmas fireplace: greens, stockings, and Christmas accessories. From these components, you can create so many different looks.

Christmas Fireplace Stockings

It’s hard to imagine our Christmas mantel without stockings dangling on top. My parents bought each of us a stocking for our first Christmas. As a result, all of our stockings were different. I still like that look and favor mismatched stockings for a more natural look. But whether you favor the casual or formal (as pictured below), stockings are a fun focal point.

Stockings for the Christmas fireplace

Christmas Fireplace Greens

The quickest way to soften a fireplace is to add greens to the mantel. I have always been a huge fan of greens and flowers. While my flower beds are dormant, Christmas garlands are a way to indulge my passions. Whether simple or ornate, this greenery will brighten your Christmas fireplace.

greens for Christmas fireplace

Christmas Fireplace Accessories

It’s the last touch to your mantel that is perhaps the most personal. What do you put on top? For some, it’s candles. And with so many options from formal candlesticks to Christmas tree shaped ones, there is room for creativity. For others, its ornaments. And for still others, it’s little village houses. But, for my family, it’s Byers Choice dolls. We have been collecting them for generations and you will see them liberally scattered across our homes, including the Christmas fireplace.

Byer's Choice dolls for Christmas fireplace
Byer's Choice Dolls for Christmas fireplace

Perhaps the hardest part of the Christmas fireplace is deciding between all the amazing choices. If you are anything like me, my choices tend to spill beyond the mantel to side tables and coffee tables. Next thing you know, you have a closet full of Christmas carolers awaiting the season.

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