Christmas Stationery and Christmas Gift Tags

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I have such a weakness for paper products. I literally have drawerfuls of stationery, cards, and gift tags just waiting for the perfect event. Every time I see a print that strikes my fancy, I buy it. I really can’t help myself. The holidays are particularly tempting as the reds, greens, and plaids find their way into the stores. Given this love, I’ve stopped saving these items for important things and have started using them in my every day life. I even give my favorite paper products as gifts. It is a small and thoughtful way to bring a little joy to others. Here are my favorite Christmas gift tags and Christmas stationery motifs that are quickly working their way onto my desk and into my drawers this season.

Christmas Gift Tags

There is nothing more horrible than taking the time to wrap a perfect, gorgeous present, only to discover that you have no gift tags. Yellow sticky notes with a name scrawled on it, are not the finishing touch you are looking for.

As a child, I kept sticker books so I have a natural affinity for the sticker Christmas gift tags. I remember my mother giving me a sheet and I’d carefully ponder which sticker to give to each person. I still love these, but my assortment has expanded to include hang tags. These even work as non-gift labels for your children to tell each other’s possessions apart.

Christmas gift tags--house hang tag
Christmas gift tags on gifts
Christmas gift tags and Christmas stationery

Christmas Stationery

I’ve always been a list maker and a labeler which makes Christmas stationery a must. There are notes to myself scattered all over the house. Sticky notes are usually the last thing I see as I run out the door. I leave them next to the door knob to remind myself to bring something with me. There are sticky notes on my phone to remind me to tell someone something when they call. And then there are the lists. My bags are filled with sheets of notepaper full of lists of things I’m to accomplish that day.

Since the chores are never fun, I indulge in good stationery to make the reminders a little more cheerful. For the holidays, this means purchasing Christmas stationery. And since buying cute stationery is such an affordable pleasure, I often give Christmas stationery as an early holiday gift to the other list makers in my life to make their holiday to do’s more enjoyable too.

Christmas stationery next to candle
Christmas stationery on red plaid tablecloth
Christmas stationery on desk

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