Christmas Wall Decor

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When the holidays arrive, it is so natural to devote our attention to decorating the tree and the fireplace, that we often forget to refresh our wall decor. Christmas wall decor is the perfect accent to the rest of our decorations. Of course, no one wants to spend a lot of money on art that will only be hanging for a month. However, there are so many suitable affordable options, it’s hard to resist these finishing holiday touches.

I tend to focus my Christmas wall decor efforts to areas that serve as a backdrop to the tree and other holiday decorations. If I can, I simply replace what is already there so I don’t have to create any additional holes. Another place to consider Christmas wall decor is above the fireplace. Because this location is so visible, I’m willing to spend a bit of extra money for something nice. A good investment will last you years.

For cheaper art, I love to get fun items. For example, behind my tree are a trio of red and white pictures of a snowman, wreath, and ornament. In fact, these are the DIY stamping and embossing project we featured last week. For more expensive pieces, I skew towards winter scenes rather than holiday themes. These pieces can then be displayed all winter, justifying the higher price tag.

Christmas wall decor

I hope these suggestions spurred some ideas for including Christmas wall decor in your own holiday decorating. Be sure to check out our ideas for the Christmas fireplace as well. And subscribe to stay up to date on all of our holiday planning ideas.

Christmas wall decor

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