Cozy Winter Essentials

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Is there anything better than those cozy winter days and nights, when you are tucked safely inside your home while a snowstorm rages outside? I enjoyed this last burst of warm weather, but now I’m ready for the cold.

My favorite winter memories are of long weekends spent in Vermont. There is something magical about the quiet stillness that follows a snowfall. About the opportunity to sit inside and to watch a fire crackle because there is no other place to be. And about time spent with family, cuddled together.

This year has asked us to sacrifice many things, but the good news is that cozy winter moments isn’t one of them. Therefore, I’m stocking up on my cozy winter essentials and considering a few of them for holiday gift ideas as well. Here are my favorites in pajamas, socks, hats, gloves, blankets, and beverages.

cozy winter pajamas weather
cozy winter fire in pajamas

Cozy Winter Pajamas and Loungewear

Whether its a steamy cup of coffee in the morning or cocoa at night, the beverages are best enjoyed in pajamas. One of my favorite modern inventions, was the concept of loungewear. It brings all the comfort of PJs, but is socially appropriate to wear during the day. Does it get any better?

In my opinion, the deciding attribute of good pajamas and loungewear is comfort. This year, I’ve added a favorite new brand to my list–Petite Plume. They make the most beautiful traditional nightwear for men, women, and children. It can even be monogrammed, which makes for a delightful personalized gift.

cozy winter fire with blanket and pajamas

Cozy Socks, Hats, and Gloves

When you live in a climate that has you ripping your boots off at the door, it’s important to have some cozy socks underneath. I’m the rare person, that actually enjoys our chilly winters. But the secret to my enthusiasm is a collection of socks, hats, and gloves that would make anyone look forward to the opportunity to wear them.

cozy winter socks and cozy winter blankets

Cozy Winter Blankets and Throws

I love blankets. I love blankets so much that I turn up the air conditioning in the summer so that I can keep using them. There is nothing more relaxing to me than to be tucked in tight under a super soft fabric watching a movie or reading a book. As a result of this little weakness of mine, I have a rather significant collection ranging from quilts to cashmere, wool, and fuzzy. Here are a few of my favorites for those cozy winter mornings and nights.

cozy winter blankets

Winter Beverages and Snacks

No list of cozy winter essentials is complete without hot beverages. My mother found the most adorable givable gift this year–Carl the Snowman. Carl is a chocolate snowman stuffed with cocoa and marshmallows. When you submerge him in hot milk, he melts and you have enough cocoa to serve 5-8 people. How cute is that?

cozy winter hot cocoa

I hope these ideas bring warmth and joy to your cozy winter days ahead. Be sure to check out our guide to unique wrapping papers to prepare for the holidays. Also, subscribe to receive our upcoming gift guides and entertainment tips.

cozy winter day

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