Crafts Stamping and Embossing

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Usually I spend the holidays looking for any opportunities to be more efficient. If it could be outsourced or automated I jumped at the chance. This year is so different. I’m luxuriating in additional down-time at home. And any chance I find to make a task interactive and creative, I take it. Crafts have always been a passion of mine and a quick, fun, relatively fail-safe craft is stamping and embossing.

Not being a pro at this, I chose simple stamps and primary colors to work with. And while I certainly won’t be winning any artistic awards, I loved the handcrafted quality of the cards. These stamped and embossed cards would make perfect Christmas cards or could be framed and hung like I did. The look of them brought me back to simpler times when my mother was on craft guilds and handmade crafts dominated holiday fundraisers. What better a time to bring back something made with love, imperfect or not.

Crafts Materials

With all the difficulties in shipping these days, I felt lucky that I found everything I needed on Amazon. Here are the materials I used:


crafts stamping and embossing

Stamping How-To

This crafts stamping and embossing project is actually appropriate for most ages as you can adjust the difficulty by the stamps you select.

First, select your paper. I used a post card, but this could easily be done on a folded note card as well. Next, ink your stamp. I love using watercolor pens instead of an ink pad as it makes it super easy to use multiple colors. Simply run the brush of the pen across the parts of the stamp you want in that color.

Once finished, press the stamp on the postcard firmly. Be careful not to slide it as you place it down and pick it up.

This stamp had a lot of white space in it, so I decided to add additional color by coloring it in with the pens. I colored the hat, buttons, and scarf on the snowman, and the wreath was so beautiful I left it alone.

Embossing How-To

I must say this part was my favorite. Make sure your card is dry and then place it face-up on the silicone pad. Take on of the smaller stylus and trace the outline of the stamp by pushing the ball down along the outline. This will allow you to see the details on the back of the stamp.

Now, you can begin the embossing. Any area you press on, will puff out on the front of your picture. For the snowman, I added snowflakes around him. For the wreath, I debossed a border around the front. And, for the ornament, I embossed the ornament itself.

Since I was a little short on Christmas wall art, I bought a pack of frames from Amazon and lined the back of them with wrapping paper. I then taped each of the stamped and embossed post cards in the center. It’s a great way to frame a memory.

I hope that you have time to indulge in a few crafts this holiday. In case you don’t, check out our favorite Christmas stationery and gift tags which will serve the same purpose minus the fuss. Also, see our favorite wrapping papers. And don’t forget to subscribe to stay up to date with all of our holiday ideas.

crafts stamping and embossing
crafts stamping and embossing with frame

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