DIY Art for Walls

Finding the right wall art can be one of the most frustrating activities in your home decor efforts. If you are looking for specific sized art or matching sets, it is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. That’s why I recently embarked on this DIY art for walls project. I needed four pieces of art, all the same size, to mirror the symmetry of my sconces in the dining room. After two years of hunting in stores, I decided to make my own botanic like prints. I used a shiny gold and white stripe background to make them suitably formal for the dining room. I love the result, and the process couldn’t be simpler. It is easy to adjust color and sizing to personalize the look for your own space.

diy art for walls in living room
diy art for walls in dining room


materials for DIY Art for Walls

Step 1: DIY Art for Walls

making the background for the diy art for walls

For each frame, I pulled out the matting and filler pictures that came in it. I then put the back of the frame face down on the wrapping paper, cut it to size, and wrapped it like a present. I trimmed the edges short so that they didn’t interfere with the locking mechanisms of the frame. Tape it taut so that there are no wrinkles using your clear tape.

If you are doing more than one frame, don’t forget to make sure that your pattern is running in the same direction on all of the backgrounds, with the hanging hooks at the top. There is nothing worse than finishing a project and realizing your print is upside down!

Step 2: DIY Art for Walls

Once you finish wrapping the backs of the frames, slip them into the frame to make sure that it fits, no tape or edges can be seen, and that you can still close your locks. I had no issues at all, but it is good to check.

Next you will attach the card stock to the center of your art. Remove the frame back and set it on a counter, face up, and with the hook at the top. Remove a piece of card stock from your book. The trick with this is to center that card stock as best you can. Since my frames were 16″ and my card stock 12″, I measured 2 inches from each edge, drew a line with a pencil, and then attached the card stock in this square with a glue stick.

Step 3: DIY Art for Walls

Now comes the fun part–decorating it! My dining room is a dark neutral beige/grey. I wanted to pick up the neutral colors of the room but also add color. I love gardens and bring floral notes into my home wherever I can. Pink, purple, and green dried flowers fit this bill and are the main focus of my art. Each bouquet was finished with a pale blue velvet bow.

Take the dried flowers out of the package and, on a counter, arrange them into bouquets for each frame. Put greens and wispier flowers in the back, and more substantial flowers in the front. Once you have each bouquet finished to your liking, pick up one of the bouquets and use a hot glue gun to run glue down the back of it. Press it onto the center of the white card stock. If some of the top flowers are loose, carefully pick them off, add more glue, and set them back down.

To make the bow, cut a length of ribbon and tie a knot in the center. Trim the edges to the desired length. Cut on an angle to make it more attractive. Use the glue gun to attach your little bow on the top of the stems.

Step 4: DIY Art for Walls

I gave these a little time for the glue to harden. When you are sure they are dry, put the glass frame face down on the counter, pick up your art and carefully set it inside. The trick with this is to try not to move the art around too much or pieces of the flowers will break off. Set it straight down into the frame. Push down on the back to flatten the flowers and close the locks on the edges. Voila! You have beautiful new art for walls in your home.

diy art for walls

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