Essential List of Thanksgiving Kitchen Tools

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Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays as it hasn’t been as commercialized as others. It is still all about family, friends, food, and the natural splendor of the season. Not surprisingly, my favorite part of Thanksgiving preparations is the more creative side-centerpieces, table settings, decoration, and food. But I also know that the real secret to any great creative project is having the right tools and materials. Here is a list of my essential Thanksgiving kitchen tools and kitchen equipment that I am making sure are on hand and working before all the preparations kick in.

1. Pots and Pan Kitchen Tools

thanksgiving kitchen tools

I have learned the hard way,that a great roasting pan is one of the best kitchen product investments you can make. Especially if you are cooking a large bird, you will want something that is sturdy, cooks evenly, and is easy to clean. One of my all time favorite kitchen tools is my All-Clad Stainless Steel Roasting Pan. It may not be the cheapest or the lightest (it weighs in at 25 pounds), but it works so well. It does not buckle under heavy meats or high temperatures and the best part is that it is so easy to clean. In my opinion, it is well worth the splurge. I’ve also had huge success with All-Clad’s other pots and pans. For Thanksgiving, at a minimum, I’m sure to have one large pot, one sauce pan, and one saute pan as well as my roasting pan.

Offsetting this expense are my choices in baking sheets. I manage to get mine all stained up in no time, so I’ve never invested too much money in these. Plus, there are so many great options that don’t cost much money, I’ve never seen the need for it. Below are my top picks:

2. Thanksgiving Kitchen Gadgets

Thanksgiving kitchen tools and Thanksgiving kitchen gadgets including potato peelers

Another lesson I’ve learned over the years is to check my kitchen gadgets well before the big day. None of the items are expensive, but they are essential and something you don’t think about until you are in the midst of cooking. Check your drawer early to make sure that none have been lost or broken since last year.

3. Cutlery and Serving Pieces

kitchen cutlery and other Thanksgiving kitchen tools

Besides my pots and pans, another place I’ve splurged is on my cutlery and serve ware. Even if you already have a great set, now is the time to get your knives sharpened. There is nothing worse than going to carve the turkey and finding out the blades are dull. My family has also found it useful to have an electric knife on hand as this can make the job go faster for all the hungry people waiting for your dinner. Finally, stock up on serving spoons and forks. It is impossible to have too many.

4. Kitchen Electric Equipment

Thanksgiving electric kitchen tools and kitchen equipment

Whether it is an electric carving knife to speed the process of carving a turkey, or a hand-held mixer that can whip up a bowlful of whipped cream without lugging out a professional mixer, I am always grateful to have these electric kitchen tools on hand.

5. Kitchen Tools: Mixing Bowls and Bakeware

Kitchen Tools: kitchen baking tools for Thanksgiving

Last but not least, we need to think about dessert. No matter how good the dinner, the sides and the pies are the finishing touches. Baking still scares me a bit (once my pumpkin pie came out green–I still have no idea how I did that). As a result, I’ve splurged on good bakeware to help my cause along.

It always astounds me how much goes into cooking a single meal. However, the delicious food and resulting smiles make your effort worth it. I hope that this list helps you organize your thoughts and have everything ready for the big day. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog as tomorrow we will cover options for scrumptious Thanksgiving recipes and necessities for your pantry. Also check out our November color post, to start getting inspiration for Thanksgiving decor.

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