Favorite Things: Cute Rainy Day Outfits

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I’m not sure how weather has been faring near you, but here in Lake Forest it has been wet and rainy. After a very active summer outside, I can’t say that I really mind too much. After all, there is something cozy about curling up on the couch with a fire roaring in front of you and listening to it rain. Of course, the secret to enjoying the rain is having the right cute rainy day outfits.

Now that we are spending more time outside, I find myself updating my closet with practical cute rainy day outfits. I look for rain wear that is warm enough for the upcoming Lake Forest November rain and also waterproof. Core to these essentials are cute rain boots, waterproof jackets, and umbrellas.

My go to rain boots are Hunter boots. They are pricey, but they will last you years and bring a brightness to any outfit. Tuck in thick socks and they work in the snow just as well as November rain. I love that they come in knee high and ankle heights.

In the fall, I love my Barbour coat. Barbour is a British brand so it is designed for cold, damp weather. I have an insulated version that has a waterproof exterior that is just perfect.

Below are some more ideas to inspire your own rain wear collections and give you the accessories necessary to enjoy a wet rainy day walk. I can only hope that Millie develops a better passion for rain too.

Here’s hoping your weekend is dry, but if not, enjoy it anyway! Don’t forget to check out our post on elegant fall outside decor for some of the sights Millie and I enjoyed in our rain gear.

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