Gifts for the Gardener: Gardening Outfit

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Even though my gardens are now dormant, I’ve already started looking forward to the spring planting season. In fact, I had fun just looking through these photos. For a gardener, there is no more perfect Christmas gift, than a gardening outfit, whether it be gardening aprons and gardening hats, gardening clothes, or gardening tools.

As I comb through the selections for my favorite gardeners in life, here are a few of my favorite gifts for gardeners.

Gardening Apron and Gardening Hats

No gardening outfit is complete without a gardening apron and a selection of gardening hats. These are the first things I pull on as I head into my garden so that I don’t end up filthy and sunburned. Even though there are practical easy to clean rubber gardening aprons, I tend toward the cute printed ones. Most of the dirt comes out in the wash and what doesn’t adds to their patina. I also love straw gardening hats. These are breathable, light weight, and keep the sun off my face.

gardening outfit with gardening hat

Other Gardening Outfit Essentials

Other key items in gardening clothes, are gardening gloves and gardening shoes. I look for gardening gloves that are thick enough to protect me from the pricks of roses and other flowers. I also like them to be somewhat waterproof as I am constantly spilling water on them. Speaking of waterproof, gardening shoes are a must. Between the mud and the water, I want something that can easily be hosed down when I finish.

gardening outfit including gardening gloves and gardening shoes

Gardening Tools and Other Gardening Accessories

It is absolutely amazing to me how far gardening tools have come. Some companies have managed to find the perfect balance of cute, functional, and creative gardening tools. I think my favorite is this canvas carryall stool. It’s not only a stool, it’s also a gardening bag. How cool is that? See this and my other favorite gardening tools and accessories below.

gardening gifts inlcuding a gardening outfit, gardening apron, and gardening hat
gardening tools and accessories

I hope these gardening inspiration boards stimulate some gift-giving ideas. If nothing else, I hope that the photos bring back some summer joy now that we are approaching the end of fall. Don’t forget to check out our other holiday ideas including unique gift wrap and rustic wreaths. And subscribe to receive all of our upcoming holiday preparation ideas.

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