How To: Blue and White Pumpkin Decor

I have always loved decorative pumpkins and that love has only grown since we’ve been introduced to so many different kinds. However, I’ve also been careful about using these real pumpkins in my more formal rooms given the potential of staining. So, this weekend I decided to try my hand at painting blue and white pumpkin decor using stencils and acrylic paints. I chose to use blue to match my decor and just love how they came out.

This is a fun project that is quick, easy, and suitable for children. Best of all, you will have your finished project to use every year. Read on for materials and directions.

blue and white painted pumpkins
blue and white painted pumpkins in living room

Materials Needed for Blue and White Pumpkin Decor

I was able to source all my materials from Amazon. You will need:

small blue and white painted pumpkins in study

Instructions for Small Painted Pumpkin

I started with the two smallest pumpkins and chose the leopard print stencil to use. Since they are small pumpkins, I knew that I needed a small print. I love the leopard print stencil since the pattern is irregular. That meant that there was more room for error and that the pumpkins would still come out looking great. Obviously, I wanted a blue and white pattern so I used the cobalt blue on all of my pumpkins but you can choose any color that works with your decor. I squirted a dab of the paint onto a paper plate to use as my palette.

Painting on a rounded surface is difficult but, as I mentioned before, this pattern allows room for error. I cut the stencil into the shape and size of one of the sections of the pumpkin. Holding the stencil tightly at the top with my index finger and at the bottom with my thumb, I brushed paint over the stencil. The most important thing to remember is not to let the stencil move or the paint will smear. When finished with the section, release the stencil and let it pop off. Then wash and dry the stencil before painting the next section.

Go around the pumpkin, doing ever other section to minimize the risk of smearing. Start in on your second pumpkin, to give the first a chance to dry before going back to stencil the alternating sections.

Instructions for Medium Blue and White Painted Pumpkin

For the medium pumpkins, I decided to try a stripe. I selected a striped stencil and then cut a single strip of the pattern. Again, holding this at the top and bottom of the pumpkin with my index finger and thumb, I secured the stencil over the center of one of the bulges and painted. Because the bulges on this pumpkin are wider and the stencil narrower, I was able to do each bulge sequentially without smearing.

blue and white painted pumpkin stencil how to

Instructions for Large Blue and White Pumpkin Decor

For the largest pumpkins, I decided to paint them freehand. Using a simple three dot cluster pattern, I created rows of the dot pattern going down the bulge of the pumpkin.

painting a pumpkin freehand with blue and white paint

This was such a fun project and the blue and white pumpkins looked great in my home. They are an on trend, sophisticated touch to the fall decor of the season.

close up of blue and white painted stencil pumpkins
dog with blue and white painted pumpkins on stairs

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