Rustic Table Decor for Thanksgiving

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Whether your Thanksgiving is going to be big or small this year, it still should be special. In fact, I think we all need a special and elegant night more than ever. Therefore, I’ve started searching for simple elegant Thanksgiving table setting ideas in preparation. This year, I’ve decided to go with a formal rustic table decor.

Formal and rustic may seem an oxymoron, but they really are not. In my mind, a rustic table setting is characterized by items that embrace nature and history. Using natural color linens as well as heirloom like accents will give you that rustic table decor look while still embracing elegance.

Rustic Decor Tablecloths and Napkins

Any list of elegant Thanksgiving table setting ideas must begin with the tablecloth and napkins. I usually have so much fun experimenting with new patterns and materials. But Thanksgiving is all about tradition and I make sure my linens reflect that. This year, I’ve decided to choose a muted natural linen, embellished with beautiful lace. These are colors and styles that are traditional and natural. They are perfect for an elegant rustic table decor. Here are some of my favorites:

rustic table decor
rustic tablecloth and napkins for rustic table decor

Rustic China, Crystal and Silver

If you stick with neutral colored table linens, it will give you a lot of freedom in selecting color for your china and centerpiece. I inherited this beautiful set of blue china from my grandmother. It is something I treasure and every time I use it, I am reminded of the many times she set her Thanksgiving dinner table with it. If you have heirlooms, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to use them and they will naturally make your table decor look more rustic.

If you don’t have heirlooms, their are so many other elegant Thanksgiving table setting ideas. Below are a few of my favorites. If you enhance your table with these patterns, it won’t be long before they become heirlooms themselves.

rustic table setting

The Rustic Centerpiece

Last but not least is the centerpiece. Nothing is more rustic looking that beautiful seasonal flowers, vegetables and candlelight. The less fussy, these are, the more rustic your table setting will appear. I decided to use multiple silver candlesticks interspersed among pumpkins and ivy. The soft orange, whites, and greens of the pumpkins glow beautifully in the candlelight. The candlelight also reflects of the silver and china giving a gorgeous warmth to the room. The candlesticks are mismatched, which I think adds to the appeal

I used faux pumpkins and ivy for two reasons. First, this allows me to set the table early as nothing will begin to rot. That way, I can focus on food, the week of Thanksgiving. Second, These are clean and lightweight and generally easier to decorate. They can also be reused next year.

I truly hope you have the most beautiful and special Thanksgiving this year. Hopefully, some of these elegant rustic table decor ideas will get your creative ideas flowing. Be sure to check out our 15 favorite Thanksgiving recipes as you plan your menu. And don’t forget to subscribe to stay updated on all of our holiday planning.

rustic table decor for Thanksgiving

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