Stunning Bird Home Decor

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As many of you know, one of the most exciting things when moving to the countryside is the proximity to nature. Even after two years, the sound of birds singing in the morning brings a smile to my face. And the sight of a Cardinal in my pine tree stops me in my tracks. I do everything I can to celebrate this both in and outside of my home. My neighbors have taught me to appreciate bird houses, which are so pretty that I’ve started using them even inside the house as decor. I’ve also grown fond of other bird home decor ideas including decorative cages and wallpapers. Whether refined, rustic, or playful, I’ve been collecting many bird themed items.

Interior Bird Decor

My absolute favorite way to use bird home decor is in prints. The cover photo of this post was taken at one of my favorite homes in the area. The walls in this home office are covered in a wallpaper by Zoffany that makes you feel like you are working in a garden instead of a room. This natural theme is picked up by a gorgeous Swedish secretary desk in green.

I’ve also used the bird theme in my own home office. The below French chair is covered in Scalamandre’s Bullfinch and Nautilus fabric. It was one of my earliest home decor splurges and something I treasure to this day.

On a less splurge-worthy note, I’ve also collected bird themed items for my treasured screened-in porch. Here are some of my favorite bird decor items.

Scalamandre bullfinch and nautilus fabric that brings bird home decor to a study
decorative bird cage

Exterior Bird Decor

Of course, another way to bring birds into your life is to attract the real things. Our neighbors are religious about filling their bird houses with food and I’m very lucky to get to enjoy the fruits of their labors. While I don’t have the time to take on that commitment, I have fallen in love with the bird houses themselves. Even if just decorative, these are great inside or out.

bird home decor

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