The Christmas Dog

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I learned so much about my dog in this photo shoot. First, Millie isn’t very partial to bows. Second, Millie is also not a fan of having her photo taken. But the third thing I learned was the most important thing. For a treat Millie will grudgingly do anything, even when that means being my Christmas dog.

Millie and I have been together for nine years now and I don’t really feel all that bad about the rare times I ask her to do me a favor. It has been said that she is rather spoiled. And, there is no better time to spoil the pet in your life than Christmas. On Christmas morning, Millie sits by the Christmas tree, staring at the Christmas gifts, whimpering in anticipation until she is told that she can open them. I appreciate her restraint as we had one dog that went downstairs and unwrapped all the Christmas gifts while we slept.

So, in honor of Millie’s ninth Christmas and her passion for unwrapping presents, here are some gift ideas for the Christmas dog in your life. Don’t forget to wrap them individually. Like humans, half the fun is in opening them.

Gifts for the Christmas dog

Christmas Dog Collars and Leashes

It always amazed me how quickly my dogs became attached to their collars. When we’d take them off to clean or add tags, the dog would follow us around until we put it safely back on her neck. Somehow, they even seemed proud when we added a new tag.

Leashes were another story. Millie does great with hers but the same could not be said about my last dog Daisy. Daisy would spend our whole walk happily chewing through hers. We went through quite a few leashes.

But no matter what personality your Christmas dog, collars and leashes are a perfect gift.

Christmas dog leash and collar ideas

Christmas Dog Toys

Dogs aren’t so different from children when it comes to Christmas presents. Toys reign king. Millie adores her toy box. By mid-morning, every toy in it has been pulled out. If she gets a new toy, she parades it around the house with pride.

Because Millie can get bored easily, I like to find dog toys that involve a little challenge. She loves a ball that you have to bat around to get treats to fall out. Another favorite is a plush gingerbread house with gingerbread men stuck inside the windows and doors. These are some of my favorite Christmas dog toys.

Christmas dog toys
Christmas dog gifts

I am so blessed to have Millie in my life and the joy she gets from opening her Christmas presents brings the same amount of joy to me. I am slightly embarrassed to say that my gift giving has gotten rather extravagent (see the year she got a drone to chase–she loved it). But, sometimes the gifts were worth it (see the year, we bought her the same gifts as my baby nephew as she kept stealing his).

No matter how you celebrate the holidays this year, I hope you treasure your time with your furry friends. And please subscribe to receive our ongoing holiday ideas including rustic wreaths, unique Christmas wrapping papers, and the fireplace mantel. Happy holidays!

Christmas dog decor

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