Why I Chose My Electra Loft Bike

As a recovering workaholic, I never had time for anything other than grocery shopping and laundry when not at the office. As a result, I hadn’t stepped foot on a bike for, well, maybe a decade. To say that I was a bit nervous and intimidated to purchase a bike is an understatement. Visions of myself falling off the bike and breaking my leg filled my head.

However, I gathered my nerve and headed over to Kiddles Sports in Lake Forest, where one of the wonderful owners found me the perfect bike–the Electra Loft 7D. After a couple tentative trips up and down my driveway, I headed out to the trails. Now you’d have a hard time getting me off it!

Know the Purpose for Your Bike

bike near pond

One of the most important considerations in bike selection is how you plan to use it. For me, I wanted a bike to take slow relaxing rides down rural roads and trails. I knew I’d be hopping on and off every ten feet to snap a picture of the gorgeous scenery. And I wanted something comfortable, slow, and easy to ride. Also, preferably cute. Knowing all this, my ever so helpful and patient shop owner brought me…

The Electra Loft 7D Bike

Electra bike in town

It was love at first site. The Electra Loft 7D comes in three colors. I chose the cream which has just enough yellow in it to be sunny but still sophisticated. The light color of the frame is perfectly offset by the warm brown leather of the seat and handle grips as well as the trim on the wheels.

The bike is shockingly comfortable. The seat is wide and the bike is designed for you to ride in an upright position instead of bent forward like a racer. It has seven gears but since I’m safely ensconced in the flat lands of Illinois, I really only have to use three. It is easy to hop on and off, lightweight, and durable.

Ironically, the Electra Loft is branded as a city commuter bike, but, I assure you, it works just as well in the country. In fact, I was told that it would support slightly longer distances than a traditional cruiser. Price wise, it falls at a little over $500. As my research had shown that some cheaper brands fell short on quality, this seemed a fair price to me.

A Few Final Tips for Bike Shopping

bike in front of garden

There is no doubt in my mind that the Electra Loft bike was the right bike for me. However, I probably wouldn’t have found it without the guidance of the folks at Kiddles Sports.

If you are uninformed about bikes, having the assistance of a trained professional is ideal. They are familiar with multiple brands and their nuances. It was only because of them, I never had to worry about sizing, seat height, assembly, or type of bike. And when the bike needs maintenance, I won’t have to worry about that either.

Mr. Shifkla (an owner at Kiddles) watched me ride the bike up and down the sidewalk until I was completely comfortable operating it. He also made sure that I had all the accessories I needed including a helmet and the Nantucket Lightship basket.

So, don’t be afraid to try out a bike. It is true what they say–you never forget how to ride a bike and it is never to late to learn. The fresh air, mild exercise, and easy access to town locations has made this purchase one of my best this year. Happy biking!

electra loft bike on trail
bike trail

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