Winter Candles: Brightening the Dark Days

I don’t know about the rest of you, but the hardest thing for me to cope with in January is the multitude of dark days. Even if it’s cold, I feel so much happier on sunny days, but those are few and far between in a Chicago winter. As a result, I have collected a variety of winter candles that I scatter throughout every room of my home.

Taper Candles in Winter Colors

As many of you know, I love all things traditional, and nothing is more traditional than taper candles. These are my go to choice for more formal rooms including the living room and dining room. One of the best thing about taper candles is that they come in such a wide variety of colors, that you can really change the look to match the season. My favorite winter candles include soft blues, greens, golds and yellows. These are appropriate for winter but yet add a little bit of color to a room.

winter candles taper

Hurricane Winter Candles

Whenever I see a hurricane, I can’t help but picture Scrooge in his dressing robe carrying one through the hallway. These immediately transport you back to an earlier century. However, the other amazing thing about them is that they throw off a lot of light! Beautiful and functional, I’ve put these winter candles in my hallways and my kitchen.

winter candles hurricane


Nothing makes a home more welcoming on a dark night than a bright lantern. Perfect for outdoors, I keep one on the bench next to my entry. However, I’ve recently found some gorgeous options for indoors as well. These look like antiques and are great for tables or beside your fireplace.

winter candles lantern

Battery Operated Candles

I know this is a bit traitorous of me as I like all things traditional, but I have found a home for battery powered candles in my house. The upside of not having to worry about an accident resulting in fire has made the trade off worth it. I use these winter candles in spaces where there is the potential of being knocked over or forgotten. It is amazing to me how far battery powered candles have come. Many look just like they have a flickering flame.

winter candles kitchen

I hope that these winter candle ideas will brighten your home during this dark season. Also, be sure to check out our post on winter scents to pair your flickering candlelight with a relaxing fragrance. And don’t forget to subscribe to receive all of our home decor and entertaining ideas.