Wonderful Winter Scents

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Winter is a time you want your house to be cozy and, few things bring more joy than being greeted with winter scents. As we pack away our Christmas decorations, the fresh scent of pine needles and baked cookies will disappear with them. The good news is that there are so many options to introduce new smells. My childhood of Glad air fresheners and swinging scented cardboard cutouts in cars left me a little afraid of commercial scents. However, things have come a long way since then and scents are now soft, subtle, and rich. The other thing I love is that they come in so many forms. I’m very partial to scented soaps and candles and have purchased a few winter scents for my home.

winter scents hand sanitizer

Winter Scented Soaps

I have never washed my hands more frequently than this year. From the moment the CDC advised to scrub your hands to avoid Coronavirus, most of us have spent much of our waking hours with our hands being gooped up with soap, sanitizer, and cleaning solutions. This started to take a toll on my skin, so I was very grateful when some of my favorite brands started to create softer, scented hand sanitizer. I’ve also swapped out many of the soaps in my powder rooms so that hand washing now leaves beautiful, lingering winter scents.

winter scents candles

Scented Candles and Diffusers

It is also simple these days to make your whole home smell good. However, I always try to remember that less is more. The scent should always be subtle, never overpowering. I make sure that I only use one scent throughout the house. I also only put it in one or two rooms and let it drift into the other areas. Candles are a favorite source as their light warms the room. However, I’ve also started using diffusers as they work even when you are not home.

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winter scents soaps, diffusers, and candles

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